SICITONI is a patisserie of fruits and
flowers of the forest.
We use fruits and herbs growing wild
in the Satoyama*,
agricultural products nurtured by the local ecosystem and
pasture-raised milk to make our sweets.

Walking through the forest,
we pick ripe fruits in each season and some of the flowers in full bloom.
We gently preserve the aroma and taste of these wild foods in our sweets.

The taste is never the same throughout the year.
We can’ t make too many sweets at once.

We are committed to carefully passing on what
we have to the next generation.
Our sweets are a story of
a once-in-a- lifetime encounter,
weaving the life of nature and tasting the cycle of the seasons

*Satoyama is a forest that is located near a mountain village.



  • Botanical Cheesecake
  • Botanical Cheesecake
  • Botanical Cheesecake

Botanical Cheesecake

Pine leaves collected in the forest are soaked in the milk
of mountain dairy cows, which live freely in the mountains,
and fermented slowly. This cake is made from homemade fresh
cheese fermented with plant-based lactic acid bacteria.

Most cheeses eaten around the world are fermented
with animal-based lactic acid bacteria. As plant-based lactic acid
bacteria are used to ferment animal protein milk with gentle force,
this produces a mild acidity and gentle flavor.

Seasonally, we mix ripe fruits, wild flower syrups, and herbal vinegar
into the dough and bake slowly at a low temperature.
Enjoy the taste of cheese that melts easily in your mouth
and the delicate aroma of forests.

  • Kashika -Fruit and flower pastry can-
  • Kashika -Fruit and flower pastry can-
  • Kashika -Fruit and flower pastry can-

Kashika -Fruit and flower pastry can-

Seasonal fruits and flowers are preserved in
season and processed throughout the year.
This pastry can is filled
with various food wisdom and creation.
We combine what we have at the time,and sell it only when the time is right.
Cookies, mini tarts, semi-dried fruits, ramune soda candy, caramels, etc.

  • Seasonal sweets
  • Seasonal sweets
  • Seasonal sweets

Seasonal sweets

Chocolate confections,
pound cakes, sugar confections, etc...
We make various sweets from blessings of the forest.


Owner : Yuko Hibino
She had been working as a freelance patissiere specializing in made-to-order cakes since 2012. After having a baby, she started to think about how food should be connected to the future of children, and came across the concept of synecoculture to regenerate the environment and the concept of foraging to procure foods from the natural world.
Aiming to “transmit food experiences rooted in the richness of the ecosystem,” she has been working on “WILD SWEETS,” creative sweets using wild plants from the forest and foods from scynecoculture.
In 2020, she started SICITONI, which is a patisserie of fruits and flowers in the forest.In 2022, the Environmental Community Branding Award at the 10th The Ministry of the Environment’ s Good Life Award.

Owner : Yuko Hibino