“I want what makes ourselves,
to be what makes our future earth”

SICITONI was born out of this desire.

SICITONI values the idea of
“eating the circle of life.”
Every living thing on this earth, including us, sustains its life by eating life.
In just a few 10 cm of topsoil, the lives and deaths
of countless organisms are repeated.

Everything circulates with the flow of water that connects the soil, the sea, and the sky.
The ecological cycles that are essential for a sustainable planet
are being lost due to our food production.
We are reminded daily that we are no longer a stranger to its effects.

We collect plants from Satoyama in moderation,
allowing light and wind to pass through the forest, creating a healthy forest cycle.

We support environmentally regenerative agriculture,
which builds ecosystems on wastelands that are unrecoverable in their natural state.
We also incorporate the by-products of them into our food.

And we create a rich dish from that bounty.

This is what SICITONI does.

We want to create food for our children and their children's children, and for the future.
We face each ingredient with
the vision of a future
where food is rooted
in the richness of the ecosystem.